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Move domains easily with Openprovider

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Why would you move your domains? Let’s imagine the following scenario. You were looking to register domains in bulk and came across a nice offer from a registrar. Not much later, you found yet another offer from another registrar. Before you know it, you have a lot of domains you can offer your customers at very low rates, but you have lost the overview of your stock. You don’t know exactly how many .com domains you still have. And where did you buy those cheap .vodkas again?

If you recognise this scenario, then it might be a good idea for you to move domains to one and the same registrar. At Openprovider we make domain migration as easy as possible. The only thing easier than this would be to get your domain registration directly through us. But we won’t hold it against you if you didn’t know us yet before.

Now that you know that you can move your domain to one single registrar that cares about your user experience, there’s nothing holding you back.

How to move domain registrations to Openprovider

There are different rules for each TLD. As we cover thousands of TLDs, we can’t go into detail here about each and every one of them. If you are planning to move domains that aren’t all too common, please make sure to check if a transfer is possible and what the requirements are. You can find this information in the section of our Knowledge Base called “Documentation per TLD“. Most of the TLDs we offer are indeed transferable.

To move domain registrations with a common TLD, such as .com, we recommend watching this short video (just over a minute) and follow the instructions:

As indicated in our Knowledge Base, domain migration is something you can do yourself in seven simple steps.

  1. Go to Domain management > Transfer.
  2. Now choose the domain you want to move. For you to be able to start a transfer, it must be a registered domain. Otherwise, you will get the error “The domain you want to transfer is free”.
  3. Click on Transfer this domain..
  4. When asked for, enter the authorization code. Depending on the TLD, it might ask for an authcode code that you can only get from the current registrar. The “transfer on” option applies to the date when want the migration to take place at a specific date. This is optional. If you leave it blank, the transfer will take place immediately..
  5. At this point, you will also see the price of the transfer. Depending on the extension, this transfer will be free. This is mostly the case when the domain doesn’t get renewed. If you do have to pay, usually the domain is renewed.
  1. Add all the contacts: owner, administrative, and technical. If contacts are not created, can be created by clicking on the green arrow.
  2. Add the name servers you want to use. To use your own DNS, select “No nameserver group”. You can also use the Openprovider name servers if you want.
  3. Once everything is completed, click on Start Transfer.

Please keep in mind that, due to the many different types of rules concerning domain name transfers, it is not possible to make an article covering all possibilities. When in doubt you can consult our documentation about TLDs where we list the procedures for most TLDs we can offer. Please note that you can also search for more information in our Knowledge Base by simply typing the TLD in the search bar at the top of this page.

In general, a few things can happen when transferring a domain name.

  • You may need a transfer code.
  • The owner may have to approve of the transfer by clicking a link that is sent to them.
  • You may need to fill and sign a form.
  • Procedures can differ in general.

Check the TLD documentation for the domain in question to check what the procedures are. The documentation also tells you how long a transfer may take.

Bulk domain migration

If you own a lot of domains from the same extension, then you can move domains on a registry-registrar level.

What are the benefits of this?

First of all, it’s easy. You just sign a form, and that’s it. Your customers will never notice the transfer, so there’s no hassle in getting their approval. Another very important reason why domain transfers on this level are interesting is the amount of money you can save with Openprovider. In general, you only pay one fee without losing the registration period.

Bulk transfers are available for the following registries:

  • SIDN (.nl domains)
  • .DNS Belgium (.be domains).
  • EURid (.eu domains).
  • Nominet (.uk / domains).
  • .com, .net, .name, .jobs (Verisign): 1/12 of a domain’s price per domain with a minimum of $5.000 per extension per current registrar.
  • .fr (AFNIC): €2,- per domain with a minimum of €1.000; personalized quotes possible for higher volumes.
  • .in (NIXI): minimum number of domains is 50; free of charge up to 10.000 domains; above 10.000 domains the migration fee is INR 10.000.
  • .it (NIC IT): € 0,50 per domain with a minimum of €500,-.
  • .lu (DNS LU): only available when closing your registrar account (only full portfolio consolidations); free of charge.
  • .me: one-time costs around €1.000.
  • .pl (NASK): PLN 1,00 per domain with a minimum amount of PLN 4.000 and a maximum amount of PLN 50.000.
  • .pt (DNS PT): free of charge.
  • .us (Neustar): $0,20 per domain with a minimum of $1.000.
  • gTLDs (other than .com, .net, .name and .jobs): it depends on the registry whether or not bulk transfers are supported; costs are normally starting at $ 5.000 per TLD.

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