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.es registry starts database clean-up project

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.es database clean-up to deal with abuseRegistry has started a cooperation with the National Cybersecurity Institute of Spain (INCIBE). Together, they will be performing a clean-up of the .es registration database of suspicious and incorrect domain names.

INCIBE will carry out specific analysis on all .es domain names. In that way, they will identify those which have substantive evidence of inaccurate or false registration data. INCIBE then shares the found domains with the .es registry. The registry will verify the list and may start the following clean-up procedure:

  • The registry sends an email to the registrant and administrative contact of the domain to notify them about the deficiencies found. The registry grants a period of three (3) calendar days to make the necessary corrections.
  • If no corrections are made within the time allowed, starts a “special cancellation procedure’. This means that they will first deactive the domain in the DNS, and afterwards dele it from the system. During this period, which will take up to 30 days, registrants can still submit changes to the registry.

The registry intends to send notifications at the start of each week. Therefore, three calendar days will equal three business days in most cases.

Please keep in mind that the registry is performing a database clean-up, and inform your .es domain customers to act quickly upon receipt of any email from the registry.

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