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.day coming soon!

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.DAY domain extension coming soon!

The .day has come! After a lot of expectations, Google Registry has announced the launch of the new .day top-level domain extension.

.day is the perfect domain extension for websites that celebrate a special moment in time: from local or international holidays to birthdays or a wedding registry.

The launch phases of the .day domain extension will be
as follows:

  • Sunrise Period: December 14, 2021 – January 25, 2022.
  • Early Access Period: January 25, 2022 – February 1, 2022.
  • General Availability: February 1, 2022 and onwards.

Concurrent to the Sunrise period, the registry will run a Qualified Launch Period. This period enables non-trademark holders, invited by Google Registry, to register their domain names. If you or any of your customers have received this type of invitation from the registry, contact us to register your domain for free.

At Openprovider we are ready to register all of your .day domains in all phases of the launch. You can find more details, prices, and other important notes in our new gTLD launch calendar. Here, you can also find information about all new gTLDs that we currently offer, as well as the latest updates about new launches. Don’t forget to check back regularly, because we are often adding new information!

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