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.NL reaches 6 million registrations

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Last Thursday, June 18th, 2020, the .nl domain reached the milestone of 6 million registered domain names! The 6th millionth registered domain name is The lucky owner is Cindy Woesthuis, a Dutch entrepreneur, coach and yoga teacher from Neede, a small village at the eastern border of Netherlands.

To celebrate this milestone, SIDN representatives, together with Openprovider and reseller company Robohost, surprised Cindy Woesthuis with cake, flowers, and champagne.

Cindy has been teaching yoga for over five years now. She explains: “I want others to feel what I feel when I do yoga. My company’s mission flowed from that thought. I want to bring as many people as possible into contact with yoga. That does not mean that everyone has to fully immerse themselves in the theory and science behind it. What I want to achieve is that people get to experience yoga and conclude for themselves whether yoga suits them or not.”

Cindy has already been running a training and coaching company named Act in Move for five years, together with her husband Jeroen. Their next step was to register a standalone website for her yoga classes, with the domain name A yogi is a person who practices yoga, and a club is a coming-together of people. They therefore selected this particular domain name to symbolize a gathering of people who practice yoga.

Cindy explains: “Having my own website contributes to my main goal of introducing people to yoga. Through this website, I can radiate my mission and share music, online classes, photos, recipes, poems, knowledge, and audio files with my target audience. In this way, I can also introduce people to yoga online. I have many more ideas for the website. For example, I have some contacts in Nepal, because I visited the country as a co-teacher during a yoga trip. In the future, I would like to sell handmade things from Nepal through my own site.

The .nl domain is the fifth largest country domain in the world, 64% of all Dutch websites end in .nl. The Netherlands has more than 1 domain name per 2 inhabitants, and approximately 850,000 new names are registered annually. In addition, .nl is also one of the safest and most successful domains in the world.
 Openprovider has been a .nl accredited registrar since 1997, and we were also the registrar of the 5-millionth registered .nl domain name in the past. We can’t wait for the next milestone to come!

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