Atomia Plugin

Transfer your domains in style

With Atomia, you and your customers can easily register, renew and transfer domain names. All expected domain name-related actions are supported, including DNSSEC.

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The right plugin for you

Atomia Plugin functionalities

Learn why Atomia is the best choice for your reselling business.

Built-in flexible domain name management

Atomia integrates easily with Openprovider and any registry or registrar. It already supports a multitude of top-level domains and more can be added if necessary.

for all 

The plugin-based Atomia domain registration software lets you choose a registry or registrar for each TLD.

Personalization at its best

Support for TLDs that are not listed here can easily be added by using the Openprovider plugin for Atomia, with the necessary registry or registrar-specific logic.

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