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Contact our support department using the form on this page. For more information about the availability of our support team, please visit our Knowledge Base. Here, you can also find answers to many questions.

New gTLDs
Discover business opportunities that the new gTLDS offer

Openprovider offers all domain extensions available worldwide:

.com, .org, .net, .int, .com, .eu, etc…

We also have all new gTLDs so you can offer your customers the millions of new options and possibilities to put a name to a web of an emerging business, using extensions with categories such as:

.club, .eus, .web, .global, .shop, .abogado, .travelling, .science, .onlince, ​​.gal, .site, ​​.sport, .hotel, .music, .london, .tickets , .golf, .plus, .love, .café, …

Search your domain, we have all extensions!

At Openprovider, we have all the domain extensions and all new gTLDs you and your customers need

Your Perfect Partner

Openprovider is the perfect partner to explore new opportunities. We integrate all new gTLDs available in any of the different phases. In addition, for brand owners, Openprovider acts as agent Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH); This service verifies the existence and validity of the trademark and is a prerequisite for any registration during the Sunrise.

Total Control

Openprovider’s potential is in the full process automation . No manual intervention is required in the process of registration of domains. This way, it’s always you who has total control of your domains. You can manage all your domains and personal information using our control panel. In addition, through our API, you can integrate your system with ours and perform the same operations under your control.

Without Restrictions

For many extensions, where a local address (local presence) is needed, such as .de, .fr and .asia, we offer this service. See our knowledge base for an overview. Mandatory registry working nameservers? Use our free DNS management!