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We would be completely lost without the DNS protocol. Reliable DNS management should be at the heart of every domain name business, as without it domain names are completely unusable. That’s why we include free and reliable DNS with every one of our domains! We know just how important it is for your business.

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Why use Openprovider to manage your DNS?

At Openprovider we’re aware of the importance of fast and reliable DNS management.

Easy Setup and Configuration

We provide the tools to make DNS management fast and simple, for any level of complexity, as well as reliable name servers set up in different locations to increase availability.

White-label DNS Control Panel

Your customers can access our white-label control panel to manage their DNS records, saving you from having to do it for them!

Personalized Support to Get You Set Up

Our support team is absolutely committed to helping you get acquainted with the platform and is always happy to help with any issues that pop up.


Frequently Asked Questions

Knowledge is power.

How do I use Openprovider’s nameservers? How much will it cost me?

How do I help my customers access the DNS Panel?


Everything in one place

One platform to rule them all. Domains, Plesk licenses, SSL certificates, Spam Experts… you name it! All your products and services in one place.

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