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An SSL certificate for each website

You may not have given much importance to the SSL certificates so far. You may install it for a customer whenever they asked you to, but you never bothered to suggest its installation to the rest of your customers. Well, the SSL certificate market has changed, and without it your websites and your customers’ are bound to be forgotten, or what is worst, hacked.

Browsers (Chrome, Firefox…) are already blocking some uncertified websites. This is expected to happen with 100% of the non HTTPS by the end of this year. 100% encryption is happening. Each website requires at least a basic encryption.

As an Openprovider Member, you can get your SSL Certificates starting from $3!

It is time to act! The best option, which is already working for some of our resellers, is to offer an SSL certificate in each hosting plan you sell. You can get it from Openprovider for $3 a year. You can offer it for free to stand out from your competitors and simply increase the price of the hosting by $0.25 a month.

You should also inform your customers of the new market trends. Do not wait for them to tell you they need a certificate. Explain it to them; show them you are concerned about their security and positioning. They will appreciate it and will probably buy an SSL for their website.

We have a marketing kit you can use in your promotions, and we also have a document where we explain, step by step, how to increase the volume of SSL certificates.