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Openprovider provides a wide variety of products and services that make your web hosting features are more bearable.
For example, create a domain on a virtual server using Plesk , which then can be protected with an SSL certificate.


Plesk is the solution most widely used web management. It offers a user experience optimized for service providers, web professionals, developers and site owners. Plesk 12 has 4 new editions, each optimized and adapted to the way the web servers are used on a daily basis.

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Virtuozzo was developed especially for web hosting and SaaS (Software as a Service). It offers the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness in OS virtualization, a technique in which several independent servers are configured on a single physical server. As a hosting provider, this allows you to manage your servers economical and manageable way.

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Fast delivery, competitive prices

All licenses and updates are delivered in real time. User names and passwords are stored in Openprovider account, making it easy to retrieve them at any time. All licenses can be purchased from periods of 1 month to longer periods. The longer the period, the rates are cheaper. New updates and revised versions of software, can be downloaded at no additional cost.