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Contact our support department using the form on this page. For more information about the availability of our support team, please visit our Knowledge Base. Here, you can also find answers to many questions.

Membership Plans

At Openprovider we charge for our value–added services and offer our main products at a competitive price: Our base cost price. This way you save money and still get the best services.

With membership plans you pay a fixed annual amount which entitles you to buy our main products at cost price. We charge no management fees on any domain registration or for other products on top of its cost price. So you can sell your products at lower pricing to compete on cost with other vendors in the market. You can sell at a higher profit margin or a much more competitive price than your competition.

Find out how much you could save by switching to Openprovider

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To get these savings on your domains, subscribe to the annual membership that is right for you.

Our membership plans

These membership plans allow you to get all our main products at cost: Domains (registration, renewal and transfer), all new gTLDs, SSL certificates and SpamExperts spam-filtering. We also offer Plesk licenses at cost for Supreme M and L members.

We have 5 membership groups to suit the volume of your business.

Membership planPlan SizeGet at cost-price, up to:Annual PriceIncludes
Basic PlanS• 100 domains
• 100 SSL certificates
• 50 SpamExperts operations
€49Domain extensions
More than 140 of the extensions which we are accredited, for example: .nl .be, .eu, .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .at, .ch, .co, .de, .es, .fr, .it, .me, .nu en .uk.

You can find a monthly updated list in our Knowledge Base.

SSL Certificates
GeoTrust True Business ID with EV
GeoTrust True Business ID multi-domain
Thawte Web Server Wildcard.

Basic plan + Thawte Web Server (OV)

Professional plan + Rapid SSL (DV)

SpamExperts spam-filtering
Incoming filters, Outgoing filters, E-mail archiving.
SpamExperts operations: creation or renewal of incoming or outgoing filters.
M• 500 domains
• 500 SSL certificates
• 250 SpamExperts operations
L• 2.000 domains
• 2.000 SSL certificates
• 1.000 SpamExperts operations
Professional Plan S• 5.000 domains
• 5.000 SSL certificates
• 2.500 SpamExperts operations
M• 10.000 domains
• 10.000 SSL certificates
• 5.000 SpamExperts operations
L• 15.000 domains
• 15.000 SSL certificates
• 7.500 SpamExperts operations
Expert PlanM• 30.000 domains
• 20.000 SSL certificates
• 15.000 SpamExperts operations
L• 50.000 domains
• 25.000 SSL certificates
• 25.000 SpamExperts operations
Supreme PlanS• 125.000 domains
• 30.000 SSL certificates
• Unlimited SpamExperts operations

All domain extensions (in own accreditations and all others) including new gTLDs in all phases, SSL certificates and SpamExperts operations.
Do you have more than 500.000 domains? Contact us for a customized proposal.
Find out all the exclusive benefits that you will have with these plans.
Please contact our sales department:
+31 10 448 22 99

M• 250.000 domains
• 60.000 SSL certificates
• Unlimited SpamExperts operations
• Unlimited Plesk licenses at cost
L• 500.000 domains
• 90.000 SSL certificates
• Unlimited SpamExperts operations
• Unlimited Plesk licenses at cost
Plans for new gTLDsXS• 100 new gTLDs €49New gTLD
All new domain extensions: .club, .eus, .web, .madrid, .tienda, .gratis, .abogado, .viajes, .science, .barcelona, .gal, .futbol, .sport, .hotel, .music, .london, .tickets, .golf, .global, .love, .cafe, …
S• 1.000 new gTLDs €499
M• 3.000 new gTLDs €999
L• Unlimited gTLDs€1.999

Individual Cost of Products

Domain Extensions

Sign up for a Membership Plan and get the best products at cost

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What are the benefits?

  • Domains offered at the same base cost price as received by huge registrars like 1&1 and GoDaddy
  • When you grow, we grow and we have more volume to negotiate better prices
  • When we get better prices, you get better prices
  • We constantly innovate our services, giving you added value and allowing you to be more competitive

Services included in the subscription plans

Control Panel

A single platform to administer and manage all your products and services

API and Plugins

Full integration of our platform with your system, using our software or third parties.

Icono para representar la administración de dominios

Domain Management

Professional and strategic management of domains based on market knowledge

DNS Management

Secure, simple, and reliable DNS management to meet your needs.

Domain Transfer

Transfer your domains to Openprovider manually or automatically, we help and advise you

FAQ related to our subscription model

What does "our cost" mean?

Unlike other suppliers, we do not charge any management or service fee. We sell products and services to you at the same price we bought them.

How does Openprovider make money?

Our profit comes from the subscription fee, not from domain registration, SSL certificates or Odin licenses; we sell at cost!

What do I pay? Are the domains free?

No, the domains are not free, you pay the same price as us. For the cost of an annual subscription fee, you buy domains for the same price it costs to register them.

What if I have more domains then the limit of my membership plan?

You have two choices: pay the normal price of domain outside of the subscription plan, or move to a higher membership level.

How much do domains cost that are not included in my subscription plan?

We have a price list with escalations at various levels depending on the volume of purchase. You can consult your client area or contact our support team.

Why does Openprovider work with membership plans?

The market is changing and sales margins in the prices of domain names are declining more and more. Adapting to this situation, we decided to change our business model to reflect this new reality.

How does this benefit me?

Hosting companies are competing in a market where lower cost pricing is increasingly essential in order to survive and compete with the big players. We have created an opportunity for you to adapt to this situation; by simply charging a subscription fee for the use of our platform and services, without charging anything for domain registrations, SSL certificates and other products we offer, you can focus on volume and adding value to your products.

How does Openprovider work with the vendors to get lower pricing?

We are very involved in the communities of registry operators and registrars. We negotiate with registers to lower their prices as their budgets allow. The more volume we generate, the more easily we can influence them to adjust prices.