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What are Membership plans?

Openprovider Memberships are subscription-based plans that offer benefits to anyone who manages multiple domains. For as little as €17.50 for one year, a Membership gives you access to the best prices on the market on domains and domain security products, including SSL certificates, spam filters, and EasyDMARC.

What is EasyDMARC?

EasyDMARC protects your email against hackers and phishers who pretend to be you while scamming your customers - all while improving the deliverability rate of your legitimate emails. With this promotion, you get to enjoy the benefits of EasyDMARC for a special price that you will not be able to find anywhere else.

Read this interview with Hicham, director of AI startup Procys, to learn more about how EasyDMARC has benefitted his company.

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Dominate the market with the tools that will help you get exposure. This discount is only valid for the first year of our Basic Membership Plan and will be available until the 1st of April 2023.

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Each coupon is prepared for a specific currency. Please pick the one with the currency you are going to use in your account. The codes are available for a limited time and apply to all first purchases of the Basic Membership Plans. After you have purchased the Basic Membership Plan, you will be able to purchase domains and EasyDMARC for the aforementioned prices.






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