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Plesk promo: get 30% or 45% off for multiyear purchase

From 15th of January, 2018 till the end of first quarter we are offering huge discounts on Plesk products when license is purchased for a year or two. When buying a Plesk license simply choose a longer period in our control panel. 30% discount will be applied for all purchases made for 1-year term and 45% discount will be applied for 2-year purchases. Discount is calculated from Plesk retail price of a monthly license lease.

Please find below the list of products for which discounts will apply.

For 1 year
(30% off)

For 2 years
(45% off)

SKUServer typeProduct nameTotal pricePer monthTotal pricePer month
PLSKVPS-ADM-MVPS (Virtual private server)Plesk Web Admin Edition for VPS€67.20€5.60€105.60€4.40
PLSK-ADM-MDedicated serverPlesk Web Admin Edition€67.20€5.60€105.60€4.40
PLSKVPS-PRO-MVPS (Virtual private server)Plesk Web Pro Edition for VPS€100.80€8.40€158.40€6.60
PLSK-PRO-MDedicated serverPlesk Web Pro Edition€100.80€8.40€158.40€6.60
PLSKVPS-PRO-CLNX-MVPS (Virtual private server)Plesk Web Pro Edition with CloudLinux for VPS€168.00€14.00€264.00€11.00
PLSK-PRO-CLNX-MDedicated serverPlesk Web Pro Edition with CloudLinux€168.00€14.00€264.00€11.00
PLSKVPS-HST-MVPS (Virtual private server)Plesk Web Host Edition for VPS€168.00€14.00€264.00€11.00
PLSK-HST-MDedicated serverPlesk Web Host Edition€302.40€25.20€475.20€19.80
PLSK-HST-CLNX-MDedicated serverPlesk Web Host Edition with CloudLinux€369.60€30.80€580.80€24.20
PLSKVPS-HST-CLNX-MVPS (Virtual private server)Plesk Web Host Edition with CloudLinux for VPS€235.20€19.60€369.60€15.40
PLSKVPS-ADD-PP-MVPS (Virtual private server)Plesk VPS Power Pack€52.56€4.38€82.56€3.44
PLSK-ADD-PP-MDedicated serverPlesk Power Pack€125.88€10.49€197.76€8.24
PLSKVPS-ADD-WPRS-MVPS (Virtual private server)Plesk VPS WordPress Toolkit€42.00€3.50€66.00€2.75
PLSK-ADD-WPRS-MDedicated serverPlesk WordPress Toolkit€42.00€3.50€66.00€2.75
PLSKVPS-ADD-DEVP-MVPS (Virtual private server)Plesk VPS Developer Pack€42.00€3.50€66.00€2.75
PLSK-ADD-DEVP-MDedicated serverPlesk Developer Pack€42.00€3.50€66.00€2.75
PLSK-EXT-CGS-MDedicated & VPSPlesk Control Groups Support€42.00€3.50€66.00€2.75
PLSK-EXT-DNSS-MDedicated & VPSPlesk DNSSEC Manager€42.00€3.50€66.00€2.75
PLSK-EXT-DOCK-MDedicated & VPSPlesk Docker Remote Manager€42.00€3.50€66.00€2.75
PLSK-EXT-HP-MDedicated & VPSPlesk Hosting Pack€168.00€14.00€264.00€11.00
PLSK-EXT-MSRV-MDedicated & VPSPlesk Multi Server€84.00€7.00€132.00€5.50
PLSKVPS-ADD-LP-MVPS (Virtual private server)Plesk VPS Language Pack€33.48€2.79€52.56€2.19
PLSKVPS-ADD-LP-UNL-MVPS (Virtual private server)Plesk VPS Language Pack Unlimited€210.00€17.50€330.00€13.75
PLSK-ADD-LP-MDedicated serverPlesk Language Pack€41.88€3.49€65.76€2.74
PLSK-ADD-LP-UNL-MDedicated serverPlesk Language Pack Unlimited€294.00€24.50€462.00€19.25


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