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Plesk promo: get 30% or 45% off for multiyear purchase

In the market now there is a lot of talks that recently Plesk increased the price almost 2 times on the products and the cost became unaffordable for many customers. Plesk itself explains it by forced price growth for the first time in 18 years. We are the official Plesk partner and we have to follow all the changes they make. BUT!

After all, we are the large and independent company, considering our relations with customers as long-term, and so we decided to soften the conditions for you to buy Plesk for the next year or two. This means that you can get with us from 30 to 45% discount from the retail price of Plesk now. The offer is valid until the end of the first quarter 2018.

Mechanics is simple. When purchasing a Plesk license, select a period of “1 year” or “2 years” and thereby freeze your purchasing price for that period.

Nobody knows how market or Plesk product will change in the future, but now we can at least soften the impact and give you the lowest price on the market so you have time to breathe.

Please find below the list of products for which discounts will apply.

Buy it now!

For 1 year
(30% off)
For 2 years
(45% off)
SKUServer typeProduct nameTotal pricePer monthTotal pricePer month
PLSKVPS-ADM-MVPSPlesk Web Admin Edition for VPS€67.20€5.60€105.60€4.40
PLSK-ADM-MDedicated serverPlesk Web Admin Edition€67.20€5.60€105.60€4.40
PLSKVPS-PRO-MVPSPlesk Web Pro Edition for VPS€100.80€8.40€158.40€6.60
PLSK-PRO-MDedicated serverPlesk Web Pro Edition€100.80€8.40€158.40€6.60
PLSKVPS-PRO-CLNX-MVPSPlesk Web Pro Edition with CloudLinux for VPS€168.00€14.00€264.00€11.00
PLSK-PRO-CLNX-MDedicated serverPlesk Web Pro Edition with CloudLinux€168.00€14.00€264.00€11.00
PLSKVPS-HST-MVPSPlesk Web Host Edition for VPS€168.00€14.00€264.00€11.00
PLSK-HST-MDedicated serverPlesk Web Host Edition€302.40€25.20€475.20€19.80
PLSK-HST-CLNX-MDedicated serverPlesk Web Host Edition with CloudLinux€369.60€30.80€580.80€24.20
PLSKVPS-HST-CLNX-MVPSPlesk Web Host Edition with CloudLinux for VPS€235.20€19.60€369.60€15.40
PLSKVPS-ADD-PP-MVPSPlesk VPS Power Pack€52.56€4.38€82.56€3.44
PLSK-ADD-PP-MDedicated serverPlesk Power Pack€125.88€10.49€197.76€8.24
PLSKVPS-ADD-WPRS-MVPSPlesk VPS WordPress Toolkit€42.00€3.50€66.00€2.75
PLSK-ADD-WPRS-MDedicated serverPlesk WordPress Toolkit€42.00€3.50€66.00€2.75
PLSKVPS-ADD-DEVP-MVPSPlesk VPS Developer Pack€42.00€3.50€66.00€2.75
PLSK-ADD-DEVP-MDedicated serverPlesk Developer Pack€42.00€3.50€66.00€2.75
PLSK-EXT-CGS-MDedicated & VPSPlesk Control Groups Support€42.00€3.50€66.00€2.75
PLSK-EXT-DNSS-MDedicated & VPSPlesk DNSSEC Manager€42.00€3.50€66.00€2.75
PLSK-EXT-DOCK-MDedicated & VPSPlesk Docker Remote Manager€42.00€3.50€66.00€2.75
PLSK-EXT-HP-MDedicated & VPSPlesk Hosting Pack€168.00€14.00€264.00€11.00
PLSK-EXT-MSRV-MDedicated & VPSPlesk Multi Server€84.00€7.00€132.00€5.50
PLSKVPS-ADD-LP-MVPSPlesk VPS Language Pack€33.48€2.79€52.56€2.19
PLSKVPS-ADD-LP-UNL-MVPSPlesk VPS Language Pack Unlimited€210.00€17.50€330.00€13.75
PLSK-ADD-LP-MDedicated serverPlesk Language Pack€41.88€3.49€65.76€2.74
PLSK-ADD-LP-UNL-MDedicated serverPlesk Language Pack Unlimited€294.00€24.50€462.00€19.25
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