How to start using Plesk license and make the most out of it!

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Plesk License how to

Setting up your server with all additional services and applications like e-mail, WordPress CMS, or even basic antivirus solutions to protect your machine can be a tricky and time-consuming action. Not only do you have to do it – in most cases – using the console or a very user-unfriendly control panel but then you must remember about all the updates that you have to perform manually!

Here with help comes PLESK! One of the best tools to help you manage your virtual or dedicated machine – from basic stuff like domain, SSL certificates, and WordPress management to website backup and enhancing your possibilities with tools such as SEO or eCommerce Toolkits. It’s all here to help you run your business easier without the constant hassle and asking questions “How should I update my WordPress so my website is safe??”

You may think now – “OK, so what should I do to start using Plesk?”. Well, first of all, you have to choose which Plesk service plan suits you best. There are 3 core plans:

Web Admin Edition

Web Pro Edition

Web Host Edition

They all come with different features but the most important question is: “How many domains do you want to manage at the beginning?” and choose your plan accordingly. If you have up to 10 domains, Web Admin Edition is sufficient for you and you can always upgrade to a higher plan! 

OK, you know which plan you need, great! Now head to your Reseller Control Panel at Openprovider na navigate to Plesk License management:

You will be presented with several options but choose the first one – Plesk 12 / Onyx / Obsidian keys

From the dropdown menu you can select the version you want to purchase:(choose the one that suits the type of your machine: VPS or dedicated server.)

Important: It is mandatory to provide the IP address of the server that the PLESK license will be bound to. It is again PLESK EULA to use one license key on multiple machines. Please find more information here.

Once you select your license you can also add a Title or Comment to easily identify the license you purchase for a specific server e.g. “My best customer’s Plesk license”. Then you hit the button “order now”

Note: There are additional Plesk Extensions under “Add more features”. You may want to check them as well and find something that may be interesting to you.

After the order is processed, you are presented with the below screen:

Important: The activation code is your license ID with which you activate the Plesk license after installation.

Great! You have your Plesk license key, now let’s install it on your server. Depending on the operating system you are using, please check instructions for Linux or Windows. After the installation you should activate your paid license using the above key:

  1. Go to Tools & Settings > License Management (under “Plesk”) and click Install Key.
  2. Enter the code you received in the email to the “Enter an activation code” field and click OK.

Once you activate the product, you can start setting up your Plesk control panel. There are plenty of usable articles available on Plesk support pages. We strongly recommend following Quick Start Guide but the first few steps would be to add a new domain, install a favorite CMS system like WordPress and secure your website with SSL certificate.

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